Friday, July 15, 2011


I have some AMAZING news. After I took some time to process YESTERDAY'S news - about Brian needing not one, but TWO therapies a week - I had an epiphany. These therapies, whether I think he needs them or not (yes, I'm still partially in denial - I admit it) are going to be great for him in every single way. I really turned my attitude around. And today I got news that made it even greater. Brian's speech therapist will be Jen McDivitt, who was Gavin's speech therapist until he was three! And Brian's teacher will be Christi Gleason, who was Gavin's teacher. Both of these women, besides being part of our family, have known Brian since he was born!! I couldn't be happier. Jen actually moved another family around (with their cooperation, of course!) to fit Brian in and luckily Christi was available on Wednesday's which was our only free day from therapies! Did I mention how happy I am about this?

I talked to Christi on the phone for a while this afternoon and, of course, she asked about Gavin. I mentioned to her our most recent struggle. Gavin's constant mouthing, banging his teeth and drooling. I told her we have tried all different types of oral stimulation - but it doesn't matter. Christi always has great tips - and sometimes tells me things that make me go, "Duh...why didn't that occur to me?!!?" She asked if I had consulted a dentist. I seriously hadn't thought of that! So on August 1st Gavin will be checked by the dentist...and I am bringing Brian along for his first appointment, too.

Gavin had Occupational Therapy with Miss Stephanie this morning...who also tried to brainstorm ways to stop Gavin from these behaviors. She spent about 10-15 minutes giving him oral stim - ice, toothbrush, nuk brush, and more. Each time she'd stop he'd rush back to his toy to mouth it or he'd put his hand in his mouth. They moved to the art table and worked on fine motor activities. I caught him in a sweet moment...
But in the interest of full disclosure, the therapy session looked more like this:
He wasn't super thrilled to be asked to work and fought her nearly every step of the way.
Oh, Gavin...

Yesterday afternoon I took the boys shopping to see if I could find bedding for Brian. I know what I don't want. I don't want characters...I don't want "too busy" since his walls are so busy...and I don't want matchy-matchy where there are 8 accessories that all coordinate. I figure if I just got a comforter or bedspread that was rather neutral, I could put any kind of fun sheets underneath and fun pillows on top. Then I could have my Mom make curtains in a fabric that would coordinate without matching. Oh...uh, Mom? I forgot to tell you that Brian wants to hire you. Can you fit us in?

I brought this one home and it's growing on me! It's very subtle in person and the green is very soft.
I thought the leaves on the comforter resemble the leaves on the trees on his walls.
I haven't totally made my decision. But in all the online shopping and the small amount of in store shopping - nothing is really jumping out at me that I love. I might try just a solid beige or green color next. We'll see.

I got about ten emails after yesterday's post telling me I need bed rails. I didn't mention it in the post, but I already ordered bed rails - extra long ones, actually. Thanks for your concern, as always! Brian loves to climb up on his new big boy bed and does a great job getting down. I am not going to rush this process at all. He's able to see it every day and night right across from his crib...and we have SO much fun reading and giggling on the bed each day.
Hopefully it will be an easy transition.

Speaking of beds, I have chosen a bed for Gavin that I think will suit him perfectly! It's called the Courtney bed and it looks like this:
You can choose from a variety of colors. I can just picture Gavin's Twilight Turtle illuminating all of the netting with stars at night. It looks like just about the coolest "fort" ever! Now comes the process of getting it approved. I was on the phone with our brand new insurance company this morning. I introduced myself as their future worst nightmare. Just kidding. Nothing "special needs" comes cheap and it's likely that they will cover some or none - not all. This bed alone is $5,000. I could get a brand new dining room set for that - or less. But who eats in a dining room anyway, right?

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  1. Kate..just a possible idea or 2 to the " mouthing"... Our 1st speech therapist said muthing is like crawling to walking & that mouthers are exploring their mouths is readiness to talk! Maybe gavin is on that route!
    another idea is that now that Z is older we see him mouthing, he has fluid on his ears & it's his way of trying to self-soothe that clogged feeling.


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