Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christmas in July!...

Last night was a big night. We took the boys to Toys r Us and bought them a train set. I'm not sure who was the most excited...but it was probably ME! I had this vision of Ed putting it together with Brian's "help" - and that's exactly what happened. They took their job very seriously, as you can see...
Gavin and I got out of the way and had fun in the kitchen.
Unfortunately, there was ONE piece of track missing from the box. So Daddy the hero packed it all back up - drove back to the store - brought home a new train set AND dinner - and put it all together again. This morning Gavin and Brian woke up to a big surprise. Brian's reaction was priceless - a glimpse of what Christmas might be like this year. He is in train Heaven.

You couldn't unglue him from the table all morning. It's even encouraging him to make new sounds - like trying to say "choo choo"!! This was definitely a fantastic purchase. We were a little shocked at the price of these Thomas the Train sets and accessories - and hope to find the rest on Craig's List from now on. Yikes!!

This afternoon we went to a high school graduation party! My cousin, Jennifer, and her husband, Bill, hosted a great party for their daughter, Erin. It seems like last month that Jen and I were kids... or last week that I was a singing bridesmaid in their wedding... and it definitely seems like yesterday that Erin was born! She'll be headed to Chestnut Hill College this fall and we want to shower her with our best wishes.
Why does it seem that the older you get, the faster time flies?

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