Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whirling Dervish...

I did it!! Last night I headed back to Babies r Us and bought a new double stroller. I didn't think I wanted black - I was planning on getting green, which is my favorite color if you didn't notice. But I ended up going with black because, just like my clothes on a bad day, it hides stuff. Miss Katja was the first to test drive it this morning when she took the boys for a mile long walk. She said it rides like a dream - it felt like she was pushing air. And the boys seemed to like it, too! Don't they look comfy?

While they were out for their walk, I decided to blow up a baby pool I bought for them. And by baby pool I mean a pool that would fit 100 babies. This thing is HUGE!! I plugged a compressor into my car and sat down on the ground...
...for what seemed forever. I was out there for at least a half hour - if not more - when it dawned on me. This compressor is plugged into the cigarette lighter of my car. I had a sinking feeling as I reached in to turn the key. Sure enough...the battery was dead. Only me. Luckily, I have a newly retired - and very wonderful - neighbor who came to our rescue! He helped me with the car battery and then got his plug in compressor and filled up the rest of the pool! Dave Roberts, you are my hero.

I set the pool up on the deck on top of extra foam play mats we had. I wanted to set it up under the awning and away from any sticks or rocks on the grass. I also set up the water table at one end. Brian was a big help and by help I mean he made me laugh after my crazy morning. He couldn't wait to get splashing!
But it was Gavin who was the first in the pool - and the cold hose water didn't even seem to bother him!
Brian was more timid and started off playing nicely at the side with his toys...
...and only lightly splashing his hands in the water.
Gavin wasn't buying it. He was constantly bracing himself for the inevitable. He knew his brother was only getting started.
Sure enough - Brian got crazier and crazier. All he wanted to do was jump and splash and screech and splash some more...
He finally got in the pool and totally let loose.
Gavin was such a good sport!! I purposely got a HUGE pool so Gavin could have his "space" if he didn't want to be near his whirling dervish of a brother. He took all the splashing in stride and really had a great time.
At one point, Gavin fell backwards into the water. He was fine - Katja was able to grab him first and sit him up and he wasn't even phased. After it happened, though, I found myself wanting to calm Brian down. The more he splashed and acted crazy, the more I corrected him. But then I felt bad.
He was having such a great time - and the splashing is to be expected! But sometimes the splashing can get annoying - especially if it's right in his brother's face. I need to figure out how to help him understand what kind of splashing is ok - and which is not. That's a tough one!! I can't take away all splashing - that's just not fun.
We need to come up with a plan. I'm not looking to ruin Brian's pool time - especially if it's because I'm being overprotective of his brother.
Most of the time I realize that I don't need to protect Gavin that much - he can hold his own better than you'd think! But I worry...I can't help it.
I have some very exciting news!! My parents and my two sisters and their families rented a shore house all next week. We weren't able to join in because Ed was starting his new job and didn't have vacation then. But we are going to go down for the 4th of July weekend!! I can't wait for my parents to see Gavin and Brian on the rides...and at the beach. And I know the boys will be so happy to see all of their cousins. We're so excited!!

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