Sunday, June 5, 2011


This morning I attempted a photo shoot of the boys - hoping to capture a picture of the two of them. It's near impossible to keep them both still for a good shot!! I'll share some of the individuals at some point.

Ed and I tried getting some photos of each of us with the boys and it went a little something like this...

...where you can really appreciate just how "Irish" I am. Sorry if I blinded you with those arms of mine.

And a little something like this...
a shot that I think shows the resemblance between Ed and Gavin.

After the boys naps, I loaded them in the car and we took off for Granny and Pop's house! Ed stayed behind as he wasn't feeling too well. My cousin, Sue, was visiting from New York along with my Aunt Terry and Uncle George so my parents invited my sister Bean and my brother Tom.

Here's Bean with Sue...

...and Aunt Terry and Uncle George from Florida. George married my Aunt Terry after my Uncle John (my Dad's brother) passed away. George is a great addition to our family!!

Brian loved being in the backyard with his cousins, but was too timid to jump into their
Wiffle Ball game.
His Uncle Tom scooped him up and they watched the game together.

He found a windchime and was entertained for a long time.
Note to self: Buy a windchime stat.
Gavin was Gavin - happy anywhere he was. He explored just about every room of Granny and Pop's house and was all smiles. He even ate a HUGE dinner for me, which is rare when he's not in his own environment. On the car ride home, I swore he was singing.
It was a nice time. It's tough with kids to really get to talk to people...especially when you're alone. But just being around my family makes me so happy.

Tomorrow Gavin and I head to DuPont for an eye check. I just know it's going to be great news. I really think we're in the clear...finally...with this dreadful corneal abrasion. I look forward to another reduction of ointment times tomorrow by the doctor. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and positive thoughts along the way. If you haven't noticed over the really do make a difference in our family.

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