Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riding it Out...

First things first. Blogger still won't let me upload videos for some irritating reason! But I am undeterred. I put everything on YouTube. So...yesterday's videos of the boys on the car ride together? You can find it by clicking HERE - and HERE. Or, you can click the You Tube button to the right to access all of my You Tube videos.

Second...just want to clear something up. I received some emails from concerned readers about my post yesterday. It seems I may have come across as preachy to the woman in line who said she felt sorry for me. I can assure you, it was the nicest exchange. I wasn't rude to her in any way. As a matter of fact, I really don't get irritated at people who ask questions, make comments or stare. It's human nature. I just felt the need to tell her that my joys are a hundred times greater when my child does something and I see that as a gift. She was so nice before during and after our exchange. But I appreciate the concern and just wanted to clarify!

Okay...down to business.

This has been the best (and longest!) vacation we've ever had with the boys. It's been incredible to witness them experiencing so many new things! From simple things, like Brian sitting in a booth and eating breakfast like a big HUGE things, like Gavin going on a ride without me...we are so grateful to have had this time as a family. I think it has changed all of us. I know that sounds dramatic...but it's true.

Last night we went back to the boardwalk and went straight to the rides. Brian, who usually answers all questions with "no" and a smirk...answered the following questions with a "YES!" and a smile: "Are you excited to go on the rides?" "Do you want to go on the Fire Truck again?" "Are you happy?" "Are you having fun?" "Do you love your Mommy more than anything?" (Figured I'd throw that in while he was on a "yes roll")

First stop was Gavin's favorite, the bouncing Frogs. I decided to go on with both boys and we had a LOT of fun!
So much fun that when it ended, Brian frantically signed "MORE" and said "GEN".
So off we went a "gen". Click HERE for video proof.
Brian went on a few rides by the rocket ship.
He was having a great time. I jumped onto a bench to get a better angle for a photo and I think I saw the first signs of "Mom, you're embarrassing me." from my little boy.
Next he rode the Fire Truck, which I'm pretty sure is his favorite...he loves ringing that bell!
And then the cars which prompted the woman next to me to say, "Let's hope he's as serious about driving when he turns 16!" as I tried to get a smile out of him!
He loved the boats...but this time was obsessed with the water and most of the ride hung his head over the side which gave his Mommy anxiety.
The next stop was the flying Elephants. Ed took the boys on one at a time and they had such a great time with their Daddy! First up was Gavin...
...and then Brian.
We ended the night on the Merry go Round...a favorite for both boys. I took each of them on and we had such a great time! Gavin sat up so well and laughed for most of the ride.
I noticed a lot of people staring at him as we went around and around. Maybe it was the rug gripper that threw them off? Or perhaps they were just looking at him because he was so adorable. I seriously can't think of any other me he just looked like every other kid having fun!
Brian loved that he could point out a flag on the boardwalk every time we came around. And for some reason he kept leaning towards me to kiss me. But no one stared at us for that! Go figure...

This morning after feeding the boys breakfast we headed out with all our gear. First we stopped on the boardwalk and Ed and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of our own. Brian was such a good boy sitting in the booth playing with the syrup and jelly packets like they were blocks...and Gavin sat happily in his stroller watching the ceiling fans.

After breakfast, we walked to the beach and found a spot to park under a pier in the shade. It happened to be right next to a huge beach puddle which Brian spotted immediately.
We had fun jumping and splashing together.
Ed stayed with Brian in the puddle and then they went for a walk on the beach - and Gavin and I headed down to the Ocean. We stood with our feet in the water for a while which was so much fun for him, but then he insisted I let him down. That's when the real fun began! He crawled towards the water with no fear...
Then, when a wave would come, he would sit up and laugh as it splashed all around him...
I was so proud of him as I watched him maintain his balance as the water swirled around him!! I can't wait to tell his therapists.
Click HERE to see the video - it's priceless.

Tomorrow we will head home and it will truly be hard to leave. We're going to pack as much fun as we can into tonight and tomorrow before we leave, so I will not be posting a journal entry until Monday. We want to again thank our friends - Geoff, Elayne, Ali and Drew Schmidt...and Lucy the dog! - for allowing us time in their beautiful home.
This vacation has been one that we will never forget.


  1. Gorgeous photos of the boys! Looks like you are having a blast. So fun. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  2. Oh my Goodness!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, you have the cutest buys, really just wanna come in to the computer and HUG them so much!

    -Rebekah K. 13yrs


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