Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rain or Shine...

Last night we headed to the boardwalk to have some dinner and then go on rides. We were so excited! Not long into dinner it started raining. We were determined to get to the rides, where all the little kids one's are under cover. We sprinted to the Dollar Store and bought two clear rain ponchos...covered the strollers...and walked and walked until we got to "Wonderland Pier". After buying a thousand tickets - okay, only seventy - Ed got in line for the Merry go Round with Gavin. They had a great time...Gavin sat up so well and he loved looking at all the lights.

Next, it was Brian's turn. I wasn't sure what to expect as I sat him on the horse. Last year he was pretty terrified. Not this time!!
As soon as I stepped off the Merry go Round with Brian, they announced they were closing Wonderland Pier because of the rain!! We were so disappointed. The ponchos went back on and we walked home.

Brian went to bed so easily, just like the first night. Gavin was a different story. He was very out of sorts and it took both me and Ed "tag teaming" to calm him enough to sleep. Not surprisingly, he slept in this morning until after 9!

After breakfast, we met up with my brother Tom, my sister-in-law, Jen and four of their children. We had lunch on the boardwalk. Twins, Tommy and Aidan and their brother, Jack sat in one booth...
...and Gavin, Brian and the rest of us sat across the way. Gavin, not surprisingly, was still a bit sleepy.
And Isabella, who just turned one, was undeniably adorable.
After lunch, we walked to an arcade to play some games! I let the boys take a spin in a car together...and then the three of us tried to fit our big heads into the tiny photo booth, which was quite funny.
Ed had fun playing games with Brian (who really just pushed any button, including the "change" button, and had a ball).
Brian also decided to do some dancing...ironically, on the "Dance Dance Revolution" game which he's never seen before! It was pretty cute.
Both of the boys took very long afternoon naps. Gavin woke up at 5:30pm!! I'm feeding him dinner now and then we'll head to the beach. I know, not the ideal time to go...but I feel we'll regret it if it ends up raining any other day this week and we miss the opportunity to see them play in the sand!! Then we'll head back up to the boardwalk and get to those rides we missed last night. There will be lots more pictures tomorrow!

In other news, I got a positive pregnancy test this morning. I got a hug from Ed and I walked around on a cloud for about 15 minutes. Then I heard a little voice in my head. The voice sounded just like the nurse at the doctor's office telling me, "Kate - now don't test too early! The injectable medication will give you a false positive." I called the office and was taken aback when that same voice answered the phone...confirming that she did indeed give me that warning before I left for the beach. I can't test until EIGHT long days from today. For this admitted "testaholic"...that is a lifetime.

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