Friday, June 10, 2011

Never Underestimate a Superhero...

This morning I had a very important appointment with the Fertility Specialist. This is the point where I'd ask everyone reading to send lots of prayers and positive thoughts my way. I'm hoping in a week and a half or so I will be back here with great news! I've never shared things like this so openly before...but with my history, I could use all the prayers I can get! If it turns out I do get pregnant, you will know right after Ed and my parents. How's that?!? The appointment was long and had me out of the house for more than half of Gavin's Occupational Therapy with Miss Stephanie.
Before I left, they were working with his musical instruments and he was actually picking some of them up on his own!!

Also before I left, I brought Brian upstairs. He was acting a little crazy and sometimes a little rest period in his crib with some books does the trick. This time, he fell asleep and was sleeping when I got home almost 3 hours later!

He woke up right after Miss Wendy got here for Gavin's Physical Therapy. Gavin was amazing today. He didn't want to be amazing - and was quite vocal about not liking being pushed physically. Sometimes therapy is like I called in the big guns.

Ed was working on some things around the house so I grabbed him and told him that Gavin needed his support. Once Daddy showed up, Gavin suited up. Boy, was he happy to show off. Miss Wendy had him work on stepping up on a step stool and then stepping down. She was amazed at how he knew to shift his weight and step right up on it! Check it out...
Turns out, Gavin will do just about anything for one of Daddy's hugs.

After that, things went a little smoother for our Superhero. He did a great job standing up with minimal support. In fact, Wendy thought he was much stronger than just a week ago!
She also suggested that I call Patty, his Early Intervention Physical Therapist, in about six months. Wendy predicts that by that time Gavin will be doing WAY more...and it will likely blow Patty away. I'm pretty confident that it would be an emotional reunion. Patty was our very first therapist when Gavin was an infant and treated him until he turned three! Much of his physical success is because of her hard work!
Wendy also said something today that made me so happy. She said that if she knew Gavin as an infant based on what she knows about his history, she never would have predicted he'd be doing most of the things he's doing now. Ever. I told her she wouldn't have been alone - that many people, professionals and otherwise, didn't expect great things from Gavin. But I did. And I still do. I have always known that Gavin is destined for great things. And I have always believed he was here to teach...

And today's lesson? Don't ever count anyone out. Especially Superheroes.


  1. Way to go Gavin! You are certainly a Superhero. Kate, I am praying that you are able to conceive and God will give you another little baby.

    Have a fun vacation. You deserve it! :)

  2. Girl, you got my prayers now and always!

    As I was watching the video of Gavin standing and then him proudly showing his daddy what he can do, the tears ran down my cheeks. My son asked what was wrong, and I told him Gavin was doing what so many said was impossible. But we knew our Superhero would prove them wrong!

    Is Brian going through a growth spurt? My boys would often take extended naps when "growing like weeds."

    Thank you, Kate, for candidly opening up your life to us.

  3. That video of him standing up (using his own knee for support - yes I saw that!) blew me away!! That is so SO awesome. Frankly, I'm a little jealous ;)

  4. I love this post! So proud of Gavin!

  5. GO Gavin you rock! My name is Nisha and I also have CP hopefully you will read this one day and take what I'm about to say to heart there will always always be people who treat you like your less than and have low expectations of you but they will never have power over you if you choose not to believe them :)


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