Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living the High Life...

We made it to Ocean City by dinner last night and were happy to pull into the garage of our friends' "beach house". Geoff and Elayne graciously offered us their shore house on such short notice so we could get away. It wasn't until we got here that we learned that we are the very first guests!! They have barely stayed here themselves! The house is incredible...like no other shore house we've ever seen. Ever.

I could take up this entire blog entry with the photos I took of the house, so I put them all in a Shutterfly photo album which you can find HERE and view as a slide show. This house makes me want to go home and re-decorate. Actually, it makes me not want to go home at all! I wonder if all of Gavin's therapists would be willing to travel. Hmmm. We haven't ventured out too much yet but honestly...if we never left this house I would go home feeling like I had a luxury vacation.

Not long after we arrived, I noticed something dreadful. Gavin's eye was red. The bad eye. I wanted to cry on the spot...and I was pretty scared. My first thought was allergies. Geoff and Elayne have a dog - actually, they have our old dog! We gave them Lucy after we found out Gavin was allergic. (Boy, did Lucy get an upgrade!!) But I quickly dismissed that because it was only his one eye that was red, not both. By bedtime it looked a lot better - and it looks okay today. It's still a little red...and I'm watching it like a hawk...but I'm not as concerned as I was last night. I also decided to increase the ointment while we're here just to keep it lubricated and protected.

After feeding Gavin and Brian some dinner last night, we took off for a stroll on the boardwalk. Another perk of this house is it's a very short walk to the boardwalk - barely a block. This was my immediate view...
It was a gorgeous night and the boys really enjoyed people watching and the cool ocean breeze. We stopped in a store and got them matching hoodies because Mommy forgot their jackets at home. We seriously packed just about everything we own, but I forgot something essential like warm clothes. (Actually, I just wanted an excuse to buy them matching Ocean City hoodies... but don't tell Ed.)
I was shocked at how well Gavin and Brian went to bed in unfamiliar rooms. Gavin was in a pack and play in a guest room and he was asleep in under ten minutes. We brought a crib from home for Brian and he stayed in Geoff and Elayne's son, Drew's, room. (The MONSTROUS flag balloon is Brian's!) He went to bed just as easily as he does at home and fell asleep rather quickly, too! He didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning - and Gavin woke at 9.

It's a pretty gloomy day here so we didn't do very much. We made a grocery store run, played and watched movies inside, and Brian took a long afternoon nap. He's ready for another late night at the boardwalk now!

I love watching the kids enjoy simple things. Gavin and I had a good time watching his movie on the couch today.
And Brian was in Heaven pointing excitedly to every flag he saw all over town. It's Flag Day - and I think it is now his favorite holiday. The boy is obsessed. I suppose there are worse obsessions, right?

We are so grateful that we were able to take this spontaneous getaway. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to our wonderful friends, The Schmidts.

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