Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Can't Believe They're Mine...

Last night before dinner I took the boys outside to play on the swingset for a short time. We're having quite a heatwave here (wouldn't it figure - just when we get a new swingset!) so we didn't last long. Then after dinner I gave them a bath. Maybe it was the heat...or the relaxing bath...but what happened next was shocking. Drying Gavin off and giving him his massage (I wish I was your Mommy, too, right?) I caught him FALLING ASLEEP!! This is unheard of for Gavin. Ed came up and took him into his room. They sat in the chair and within 30 seconds, Gavin was snoring in his arms. Seriously - so unheard of. Brian and I went into his room and started reading a book - but soon he wanted to get down. He walked right over to his crib and wanted me to put him in. He, too, fell asleep in minutes. What in the world was going on? I took the opportunity, since it was still sunny out, to sneak in with my camera. There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child.

Brian likes lots of stuff in his bed - all of his "guys", his Twilight Turtle
and books, of course.
Gavin likes books, too. And he sleeps with his eyes open if you hadn't noticed.
Just like his Daddy!

I stayed in each of their rooms for a while - just staring at them. Gavin looks so grown up - so big. How did that happen? And Brian looks like a little angel with those long lashes. Somedays I just can't believe that they are mine. I'm so lucky.

Today was Gavin's last day of therapy with Miss Maggie and Miss Janna until the second week of July. We'll be on vacation next week and then his therapists are on a break for three weeks! It's going to be very quiet around here.

Gavin and Miss Maggie worked with the Proloquo2Go app on my iPad again today. It's a frustrating process for all of us, Gavin included.
I'm sometimes unsure if he really understands the concept of touching the screen to communicate that he wants something. Oftentimes I think he hits the screen by accident and we reward him if it works. Other times he seems to intentionally touch the iPad, but in the wrong spot so it doesn't "talk". Arrgh. We'll continue to work on it. Maybe by the time Maggie is back from break Gavin will be a pro.

Miss Janna worked with color matching again today.

Although I'm unsure, too, if Gavin understands - he did do something cool! He was picking up these little tiny toys with his hands and holding them for a bit. I love love love when Gavin uses his hands. But it almost always has to be on his terms. He hates when he is forced to use his hands, as you can see...
In a depressing turn of events (not really depressing - but annoying) I went to put on my brand new shorts today and they didn't fit! This medication I'm injecting has caused me to blow up. So I had to run to the store and buy bigger shorts! Waaahh! I don't care so much about the size....and hopefully all this will be worth it in the end...but it's just that I hate to shop! Yes, you read that right. I hate to shop. I you wish I was your wife, right? *wink*


  1. OK--yay I am not the only one who hates to shop. My husband tries to get me to walk around window shopping and I just can't do it! I guess I am weird in that way.

    Cute babies as always. Loving this new blog.

  2. Katie, i'm so sorry that you have to watch Gavin cry and see hiim frusrated but please know that it does get better with age because he will be able to tell you what's bothering him in the meantime I suggest you pray A LOT and get support whereever you caan find it.


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