Saturday, June 25, 2011

God, I Love Being a Mommy...

Today was a very special day for me. I got to spend the whole afternoon with my little boy, Brian. It was so nice to be with him one on one and we had a LOT of fun.

Right after lunch we headed to a birthday party for a little boy named Robbie. Believe it or not, Robbie was a preemie at birth - only 2lbs, 4oz! He fought his way out of the NICU and is now this one year old stunner. A real miracle child with little to no issues at all! His Mommys, Kirsten and Jen, are good friends of mine and they have done an amazing job with this little boy. Is he cute, or what?
The party was fun! Brian even met a new friend named, Hannah, who was very motherly towards him. She wanted to feed him, help him, share with him - it was so cute.

Gavin spent the afternoon with his Daddy. Ed took him for a haircut for me, which was a big help - and then brought him home for a bath. Luckily, I was able to get squeezed in for Brian's haircut after we left the party. He was such a good boy for his cut that I decided a treat was definitely in order. (An excuse to prolong our fun date) We walked from the hair salon over to Rita's for an ice cream cone!

Being that this is only his second ice cream cone ever - I'm pretty impressed with his skills. He just gets right in there - and barely drips any on himself!
And when it got a little bit harder, he started using a spoon! Ingenious!

When we got home, we lingered outside for a little while. Our neighbors were washing the car so we paid them a visit and Brian jumped in the puddles from the hose. He also discovered his very first worm and picked it right up...skeeving his Mommy out pretty easily.

We said goodbye to the worm (gladly) and headed up for a fun bath. I love watching him line up his ABC foam letters on the wall. I don't help him at all - he knows the order!
And I was pretty impressed when he picked up a capital P and turned it around to use as a lower case d. Thank God he gets his genius like skills from his Mommy. *wink*

We packed a lot in to our day today... you can see.

He slept through his teeth brushing and his diaper change. I carried him up to bed and couldn't resist the opportunity to sit with him in the rocker. As he slept on my chest - and I fell asleep, too - I thanked God. I really do have everything I've always wanted. God, I love being a Mommy.

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