Monday, June 27, 2011

First Day...

What a whirlwind today was! First thing this morning I sent Ed off on his first day at his new job. After 19 years with the same company, this is quite a big deal! He passed on "first day photos", so you'll have to take my word for it that he looked great. I can't understand why he wouldn't let me have a photo shoot on his first day! *wink* The best part of this new job is a schedule that will get him home at a reasonable hour. Tonight we are having a family dinner at the kitchen table at 6:30. All four of us. Believe it or not, this will be a FIRST in our family. And we're hoping it will become the norm from now on. Exciting!!

After he left, I left. This morning I had an appointment with the fertility clinic so we could discuss - you got it - trying again with the injectables. Unfortunately, the doctor was extremely behind and I ended up wasting a couple hours there. Very annoying. We're staying with the same dose and I'm fine with that. We don't want quintuplets or anything!! I start my cycle tonight with the injections and go back on Friday to see how my body is responding. This HAS to be the month or I may have to resort to angry truck driver screaming in the back yard. My neighbors are now officially warned.

But, my frustration from the long morning didn't last. How could it when you have a happy, smiling face like this in your house?

I had plans today to do the Hyperbaric Chamber with Gavin, to change up all the photos in the frames in the house and to make a big batch of baby food - Yams, Brown Rice and more. I only got to the Yams - and I haven't even pureed them yet! This day has gotten away from me.

We had a surprise visitor this afternoon! Grannie came by to visit!! She wanted to be sure to see the boys before she left for their beach vacation this weekend. Brian, especially, was so happy to see his Grannie and was quite a show off. He was so crazy that he ended up sleeping right through the Early Intervention appointment!!
I could watch the boys sleep all day long. There's something so beautiful about a sleeping child!!

It was fine that he wasn't awake for the meeting. I was prepared to go into the appointment without him. I had all the answers to all the questions on their form and was ready for the service coordinator when she got here.
The appointment was just an intake so she could collect information about him to give to the actual evaluator. We lucked out that we were able to have Shelly assigned to us. She was Gavin's service coordinator for his three years in Early Intervention! We had a nice time catching up.

We set up another appointment on July 14th when she, a teacher and a speech therapist will come out to formally test and evaluate Brian. They will decide if he's eligible for services and if so, it's possible we could get Gavin's previous speech therapist Miss Jen! We would LOVE that. But - I am willing to bet that Brian is talking by July 14th. Anyone care to wager?


  1. Rumor has it that Einstein was a late talker too...and never did learn to tie his shoes. I think it must be something with those geniuses. ;)

  2. I think Brian is super smart and talking will come later. My Dr. told me this was normal with our third child.

    I read everyday but haven't commented. Forgive me!


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