Monday, June 13, 2011

False Start...

Surprise! We're still home.

Ed decided to play golf today, so the boys and I stayed home and packed the car. It can I put this? Challenging. Brian on my heels, Gavin sensitive to Brian's screeches and crying to the point of gagging, Brian getting into things while I was busy packing, Gavin eventually throwing up on the kitchen floor and all over him because he gagged. Off we went for a spontaneous bath. Like I said...challenging. And frustrating. Not the best start to our Family Vacation.

But, I made the best of the time for Gavin! I was able to contact Miss Janna to see if she still had his slot open...and she did! So Gavin had a bonus therapy today and it was a nice diversion for all of us.

Miss Janna brought the coolest chair called a Bilibo. I don't think it's made specifically for special needs kids, but it was pretty cool! The seat forced Gavin to use his trunk a LOT - so I can see how it would be a great strengthening exercise. I'm going to have to look into this a little more to see if we should own one!
Brian was kept occupied with Miss Janna's toys for the half hour, which was nice. And Gavin did a great job when Janna had him using his hands to pick up little toys! I was proud of him.

By the time we get to the beach, it will be dinnertime. I won't have any more news tonight. I'll post an update tomorrow with pictures!! Now...if I could just relax after this false start to our vacation.

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