Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cutting the Cake...

There's a first time for everything...and today was definitely a first for us! We went to a sex party! Get your mind out of the gutter...not that kind of sex party. Ed and I and the boys went to our good friends Drew and Melissa's house for a really special event. They are expecting a baby and last week they had their big ultrasound. They told the doctor to seal the results in an envelope. Then they gave the envelope to a bakery and told them to peek at the results and put pink or blue icing in the center of the cake. Today, in front of their family and friends, they cut the cake...and we ALL found out at the same time if their first child was a boy or a girl!!

The suspense leading up to the cake cutting was killing me! I felt like it was my news I was so excited!! Brian passed the time by making friends with everyone, including the dogs. Gavin happily watched a movie in his wheelchair so I could keep him off the floor and away from the dog hair.
Drew and Melissa had everyone write their prediction on shells and the majority of the guests, including us, predicted a girl!
It seemed like an eternity, but the moment finally came to cut the cake.
I have to say I felt SO honored that they would share this very special moment with us. Drew has been one of my best friends for many years was such a joy for me to see his reaction as he found out that they baby was a...
I'm thrilled for Drew and Melissa and know from experience that they will LOVE having a son. Yay for babies!!
In other news, hopefully related to pregnancy and babies...I am through with my fertility procedures this month. The injectable medication I took this cycle produced a lot of follicles...very large follicles. In a statement that will likely fall into the category of too much information...I am so sore. Imagine a constant feeling like you haven't peed in three days. Every step is painful...sitting down is painful...I feel like I'm walking around with 27 pounds of eggs in my belly! But hopefully this will all be worth it and I'll soon be having my own sex party. Seriously, you really need to get your mind out of the gutter. *wink*


  1. I know you knew you could use "gender party" instead of "sex party." But of course it's not as interesting that way! ; ) Or is that how your neighbors billed it?

  2. You seriously made me laugh today! I needed that has it has been a hard day for our family today. This too shall pass in another day in the life of the Funkhousers.

  3. I prayed for you to fall pregnant first thing thiis morning and you should know God always gives me what I pray for unless it's not in my best interst so I have a feeling that you will be hosting your very own 'sex party' soon :)

  4. Kate I am SO hopeful for you this time around!! That sounds like good news!! =)



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