Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crisis Averted...

Everyone can breathe...the crisis has been averted. I had an incident yesterday at the Allergist that sent me into PANIC MODE. I dropped my camera and the lens shattered. My camera...or my extra appendage as I sometimes refer to it. Luckily, the only thing that shattered was a UV lens that I screw onto the actual camera lens. Everything else was intact and working fine. But when it dropped, the lens was jammed and I couldn't unscrew it. I went to two camera stores and was told that they'd have to send it out for two to three weeks. TWO TO THREE WEEKS? Clearly they do not know how much I depend on this camera. I was able to find a store an hour away that would fix it on the spot for me, so a big chunk of today was spent doing that. My camera is now good as new...and has a new UV filter on the lens. Thank GOD!
Can we just stop for a moment and imagine what my life would be like without my camera? Ok, let's not. It's a terrible thought. It was bad enough I had to improvise yesterday and screw on my zoom lens. When Ed was pushing the boys on the swings I had to run halfway across my neighbor's yard in order to get a picture!
(That part was hilariously inconvenient)

This morning I headed to the fertility clinic to get an ultrasound. They wanted to check on the progress of the egg follicles we're trying to produce. Initially they estimated that I would not be ready to ovulate until Sunday...but my body really responded to the injections! There were several egg follicles that will be ready to release during ovulation Friday or Saturday!
The plan is to do one final injection tonight...and then tomorrow I give myself what's called an HCG trigger shot. This will trigger ovulation just at the right time when my follicles are the perfect size. It also dumps extra progesterone into my body, which is needed in order to support an early pregnancy. Let's hope it results in that! After that, we sit and wait and pray and cross our fingers. Well, after a few other activities that need not be mentioned here. *wink*

The timing is the best. After Saturday, I am free from doctor visits. They wanted me to come back next Wednesday for a second HCG shot - but I told them I could do it on my own. Why? Because we are taking a VACATION!!! We will likely leave Monday and head to Ocean City, NJ for a few days. Our friends, Geoff and Elayne (the family that adopted our dog, Lucy, from us after we found out Gavin was allergic) have offered us their shore house for the week! We are so excited and can't WAIT to bring the boys to the the boardwalk...and just be together as a family. Miss Katja is thrilled to have some unexpected time off, too!

Elayne and her children, Ali and Drew, came by for a playdate this afternoon and it was a lot of fun.

I think Gavin was in love with Ali - following her right into the Jump-O-Lene!
Brian took a bit to warm up, but then had a fun time playing trucks with Drew.

It was just too hot to go out on the swingset today. We're having a bit of a heatwave in Pennsylvania! Hopefully it will pass and next week we'll have nice weather at the beach.

Did I mention we're going to the BEACH!?!?!?! Yippee!!!


  1. Oh my gosh my camera is my appendage TOO! My friends always say, "No need to bring a camera. Traci is coming. She ALWAYS has hers." And I would have FREAKED OUT too if I dropped my camera. LAUGHING OUT LOUD about "other activities"....LMAO! Have fun on a VACATION! I haven't been anywhere in so LONG I will live through you!

  2. Whew, glad a camera crisis was averted. I'm so jealous about the Jersey shore visit, since, you may not know, I was born a Jersey girl. Good luck with the egg follicles....isn't that the procedure Jon & Kate used when they conceived sextuplets? Just sayin'.... ; )

  3. Hi Kate,

    My name is Nisha, I am 20-year-old from South Africa with CP who found your blog on Love That Max and I just wanted to say I wish only the best for you :) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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