Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hope's Baptism Day...

Hope's Baptism was held at Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Church in Plymouth Meeting, PA on April 5, 2014.  This is the church where I was baptized in 1970, where I grew up and went to grade school, where I married Ed, where Gavin and Brian were baptized... and where Gavin's funeral was held.
The photos tell the beautiful story of the morning.  Miss Sara is Hope's Godmother!  She held her while people arrived... like Aunt Bean!
And Granny!
Father James Kelly is very special to us.  He married Ed and I in 2004, baptized both of the boys, and performed Gavin's funeral.  He arranged for us to have a very special, private baptism for Hope which was so nice.
The dress is a family heirloom - worn first by my oldest cousin (also Kathleen!) in 1958.  My Mother's Mom ("Mom-Mom") hand embroidered nearly all of the names of every granchild and great grandchild that wore the dress.  The dress is paper thin and I was a nervous wreck that Hope would make one false move and I'd be responsible for trashing the family heirloom!  LOL!
Brian tried to convince me that he could take pictures during the ceremony.
Soon it was time to dress the baby!
All Hope wanted to do was stick the dress in her mouth - I felt like I was constantly prying fabric out of her clutches!!
I will treasure this photo forever of me and my Mom!
My oldest brother, Tom, is Hope's Godfather.  He was also Gavin's Godfather!  
My friend, Meghan, of took all of these photos of Hope's special day.  She did such a great job.  You would never guess that Hope spent most of her Christening looking like this!!
I pumped some breast milk that morning.  It was a last minute thought "just in case" she started crying.  I really wanted to wear the dress I have on and it's not convenient for nursing.  Problem was - I only got about an ounce into a bottle.  I used it when she started screaming - but because it was such a small amount, it was like a tease... and it only made matters worse.  
Oh well.  Win some, lose some.  
Brian was an angel during the entire ceremony.
Brian, Ed and I have a special "code."  Sometimes we just look at each other - anytime, anywhere... in a crowd, across a room - and blink long.  It means "I love you."  Ed and I have been doing that since we were dating... and now we do it with Brian.  You can see him doing it to me in this photo...
Time for the water!  Father Kelly said the Mother has to hold the baby, lest you think I was 'hogging Hope."  :-)
She looks so beautiful and peaceful, right?
Not so much.
Father Kelly led us all down the aisle to the front and he said a special prayer for Hope while laying her on the altar.  He did this for the boys, too, and it was very special.
Ed and I were so grateful to my family for coming to Hope's baptism! 
 And especially to her Godparents for standing up for her on that special day.
My brothers and sisters!
And nearly the entire crew, including Sara's Mom and Dad!
There was one photo that I wanted to try to re-create.  One of my favorite pictures of all time is of me and Ed and Gavin from Gavin's baptism...
All three of my children - baptized in the same place in the same dress.
It was a very special day, indeed.
God bless Hope Margaret.

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